Equilume Launch Stable Light replicating nature’s light indoors

equilume Stable Light Luminaire

Leveraging the global success of our initial market offering, the Equilume Light Mask, we are delighted to introduce our new revolutionary Stable Light to our product portfolio. The Equilume Stable Light provides the horse with biologically effective lights in a system that replicates the benefits of nature’s environmental lighting indoors designed to maximize health, performance and breeding efficiency.

Modern Management of horses requires that they spend a large proportion of the 24-h day indoors, unexposed to optimum daylight and frequently disrupted by light at night. This regime negatively impacts the horse’s body clock and can result in impaired growth, reduced immune response and poor appetite and performance. The Equilume Stable Light was designed to counteract these problems by providing the horse with biologically effective light.

Key Features:

The key proven components are the blue-enriched light that best mimics natural daylight boosting metabolism, alertness, appetite and reducing the growth of bacteria. The blue-enriched light increases respiratory health, muscle mass and accelerates wound healing.

The second unique component of our system is that the lights dim to red light at night. As we frequently interact with horses during darkness hours, it is often necessary to turn on lights at night. White light at night is a major cause of reduced health and welfare as it disrupts animal’s circadian rhythms. The red light at night facilitates night time monitoring, management and feeding of horses.

A third component is a gradual dim up at dawn and dims down at dusk allowing horses to experience a gradual change in light intensity similar to the natural environment.

Finally, our system is pre-programmed to gradually adjust the seasonal changes in day length extending the duration of peak performance. For breeding stock, our system can be programmed to increase day length at specific times of year to advance fertility. Also, we use the newest LED technology which means that our lighting significantly reduces energy costs.

The Equilume Stable Light enhances breeding efficiency by advancing the breeding season for dry mares and preventing prolonged gestation lengths for pregnant mares. Our lighting will also optimize foal growth in utero for improved health and strength. Increased fertility and libido are key to extending the season for stallions.

The Stable Light has been proven to increase muscle response to exercise and maintain coat condition. Competition horses benefit from an early spring, lengthened summer, extending the period of peak performance associated with summer vigour.

Dr. Barbara Anne Murphy, Founder & CSO at Equilume commenting on the new system:

“Normal indoor lighting falls significantly short on providing the optimum light spectrum for horses to function well. The Equilume Stable Light is specifically designed to provide the horse with the optimal lighting environment to best reflect and mimic the benefits of the natural environmental day-night cycle in order to create and maintain optimum health and performance. Feedback and results from our scientific trials are very exciting showing that horses thrive under this system; putting on more lean muscle, increasing appetites, improving behaviour and mood, improving coat condition and reducing levels of infection.”

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