Stable Light$861

The Equilume Stable Light is specifically designed to replicate nature within a
stable or barn and tailored to meet the practical and commercial needs of
horse trainers and breeders.

The Luminaire works in conjunction with the Control Panel. Please contact Equilume directly for a Control Panel quote.



  • Enhanced spectral composition
  • Blue enriched broad spectrum white light
  • Red Light at night
  • Optimal light diffusion
  • Customizable user friendly interface
  • Reduced energy costs


  • Improves growth and development in young stock
  • Increases muscle response to exercise
  • Improves daytime alertness
  • Permits undisturbed night time rest
  • ’Circannual’ function extends season of peak performance
  • Advances breeding season for mares
  • Advances and extends season of optimum fertility for stallions
  • Optimizes gestation lengths for mares
  • Optimizes foal growth in utero for improved health and strength
  • Stimulates and maintains optimum coat condition