LISTEN NOW! Power Average Leagues Hotting Up

Podcast about the Equilume Special on the Power Average League, hosted by Equiratings

The competition is getting interesting in the Equilume Power Average Leagues! Nicole and Sam from Equiratings look at the leagues to see who is at the top as we head into the season’s final stage.


Listen now through your favourite streaming platform!


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What are the Equilume Power Average Leagues?

The Equilume Power Average is the average of a horse’s three best finishing scores from all events in the 2023 season. There are two leagues running in 2023 with Eventing Ireland and British Eventing. Horses must have three or more completions to be eligible to win this league. All levels of competition are treated equally, allowing horses of all ages and experience to compete for the 2023 Equilume league title. Check out the stats centre here to see who sits top of the table!

Eventing Ireland Stats Centre

British Eventing Stats Centre

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