Equilume Light Mask helps problematic mare go in foal

In the fall of 2017, Philip Snelgrove from Ontario, Canada acquired a reining-bred quarter horse mare with an excellent pedigree that he hoped to use as a pleasure riding horse and broodmare. However, later diagnosis proved she would be problematic to get in foal.

She turned out to be a lovely riding horse but, as a then eleven-year-old maiden mare, they feared she may not be an ideal candidate for breeding the following spring. Philip wanted to take every action to put the odds in their favour, so he purchased and started using an Equilume Light Mask in mid-December. In late January the mare was diagnosed as having a persistent corpus luteum. However, with the help of an excellent vet clinic, her reproductive issues were resolved, and she was bred in mid-March. They conceived on her first breeding.

  “I have no doubt that the Equilume Light Mask played a role in having my mare in prime breeding condition once her reproductive issues were resolved. After confirming again, she was in foal at forty days, I removed the mask. I plan on using it again when she approaches the end of her pregnancy to have her prepared for both foaling and rebreeding.”

Philip Snelgrove Ontario, Canada.

The Equilume Light Mask is an individual headpiece for horses that provides times, low level blue light to a single eye ensuring early reproductive success whether horses are indoors, outdoors or travelling to the breeding shed.

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