New Pony Light Mask Size now available

Pony Mask
Pony Mask

Having successfully launched our new reusable Light Mask models in 2017, we are delighted to launch the Equilume Curragh- Pony Light Mask suitable for ponies under 13.2hh/138cms. The Equilume Curragh- Pony consists of a replaceable cup that provides 7 hours of light daily lasting up to four months.

The Equilume Light Mask is an individual headpiece for horses that provides timed, low-level blue light to a single eye to effectively deliver all the benefits associated with long summer days. Using the Light Mask means that your horse/pony can get the optimum light it needs for a slick show coat, or to get your mare cycling, whether you keep them indoors, outdoors or while away at a competition. We are also delighted to introduce a limited edition blue mask for the launch so get ordering fast before they are all gone!

Blue Pony Mask

Blue Pony Light Mask

“We are delighted to announce our new Pony Light Mask. We have successfully addressed a customer need for a smaller mask suitable for the important show pony market.”

Emma Taylor, Product Manager, Equilume

Customer feedback

“Since beginning using the Equilume masks on our show team, there has been a huge improvement in the condition, appearance and overall well-being of the team. The masks allow the team to have a consistent amount of light exposure which is incredibly important when maintaining a beautiful coat for the show ring. The Equilume Masks have contributed greatly to the extremely successful show season we have had. We are very excited about the release of the new Pony size Equilume Mask, that we have found a perfect fit on our ponies 13.2 & under. Absolutely love our Equilume Masks”

Billie & Chloe Roach, Roach Show Team

“I was delighted to receive my new Equilume Curragh- Pony Mask and see that it wasn’t at all complicated to set up and use. I have a 12.3hh Riding pony, also part ‘Welsh’ and ‘Arabian derivative’ and I find ‘pony’ sized products never fit him. Not so with my Equilume Curragh- Pony Mask! The design is streamlined and there are multiple adjustment positions. The eye holes are perfectly positioned and it is well made with a comfortable fit. I am impressed!”

Yasmin Boaz




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