Maintain a sleek coat throughout the season

Everyone knows that the best indicator of a healthy horse on the inside, is a glowing, sleek coat on the outside.  Nowhere is this more important or noticeable than in the show ring. For horses in the wild, this return to a healthy sleek coat appears during the lengthening days of spring. These environmental changes signal the switching on of a suite of internal hormones in the horse that prepare them for warmer climates. Under the influence of these hormones, heavy winter coats shed out, appetites improve and muscle tone develops. These are all equally important traits for our competition horses.


The Equilume Light Mask

The Equilume Light Mask provides timed blue light to mimic a long summer’s day, stimulating seasonal hormones, including prolactin that allow your horse to produce a shiny summer coat and perform with ‘summer vigour’. In less than 6 weeks you could see your horse transform from their furry teddy bear winter state into a sleek and shiny show-ready athlete.  Used indoors, outdoors or while travelling to shows, it’s a must for every horse owner wanting that show coat shine.  Our mask activation calendar can be used for a more accurate guide for fitting your Equilume Mask.

The Equilume Cashel is fast becoming the most popular mask for coat conditioning. The Equilume Cashel consists of a rechargeable light source that provides 15 hours of light daily with 7 active days between charges. This mask is designed for maintaining sleek coats and is ideal for limited turnout and/or poorly lit stables.


“Knowing that the horses have got their masks on, we don’t have to worry about their coats shifting- whether they’re travelling in the truck or at a show. It’s very rewarding!”

            Jess Stalling, J & R Equestrian


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