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The Equilume Light Mask is the easy, mobile, cost-effective tool you’ve been looking for to simplify your quest for show ring success. It will allow you to decrease your costs and increase the amount of time your show horse gets to be a “real” horse, turned out to relax and recharge for the next event.

Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation

The Equilume Light Mask provides timed blue light to mimic a long summer’s day, stimulating seasonal hormones, including prolactin that allow your horse to produce a shiny summer coat and perform with ‘summer vigour’.

In less than 6 weeks you could see your horse transform from their furry teddy bear winter state into a sleek and shiny show-ready athlete… and all from the paddock! Fastest results are achieved when horses are blanketed and kept warm. Our mask activation calendar can be used for a more accurate guide as to when to expect to see results after fitting your Equilume mask.

ally travel

The Equilume Light Mask allows for complete flexibility and mobility to suit a busy schedule. It can be worn 24/7, and be easily removed for riding and grooming. Regular as clockwork, the Belfield and Curragh Masks are ready to deliver light from 4 pm (1600) to 11 pm (2300) daily, turning on when it senses the approach of dusk. The Cashel Mask delivers light from 8am (0800) to 11pm (2300) daily ideal for horses with limited turn-out and/or poorly lit stables. This means turn them out, keep them in, travel to an event… nothing disrupts the light delivery schedule.

If you are transitioning from using traditional stable lighting to using Equilume outdoors, it is vital that the following factors are kept consistent:

  • duration of light
  • nutrition
  • warmth

Calculate your recommended mask activation date:

It is recommended that every horse have at least a six week break from artificial lighting during the winter, and experience normal long winter nights.
This is necessary to reset the horse’s internal annual hair shedding clock.

If you would like to discuss your programme with a member of our team, please email us: info@equilume.com.