An Exciting Collaboration in Equestrian Excellence!


We are thrilled to share some exciting news! Future Sport Horses and Equilume Performance Lighting have joined forces in an exciting new partnership that will undoubtedly promote the wonderful work that both companies contribute to the equine industry.


Future Guilty Pleasure wearing his Equilume Cashel Light Mask to maximise his performance.

Our Exciting Collaboration:

At Future Sport Horses, passion lies in breeding and nurturing world-class equine athletes. With thorough care, top-tier mares are selected and matched with stallions to breed exceptional horses, recognised globally for their achievements. It is with great pride that the announcement of collaborating with Equilume, and our cutting-edge blue light technology, will play a pivotal role in optimizing Future Sport Horses breeding and performance programs. Together, we are committed to raising the bar of excellence in equestrian sports.

Equilume’s groundbreaking performance lighting solutions have a proven track record in improving breeding outcomes, boosting fertility, and fostering the physical performance and mental well-being of competition horses. Equilume’s support in creating a brighter future for our equine partners and achieving the success they deserve will play an integral role in the success of Future Sport Horses accomplishments.

As we look ahead to an eventful future, Future Sport Horse’s remarkable young stallion, Future Guilty Pleasure (pictured below), will benefit from Equilume’s power of blue light as he enters the next stage of his competition career with Izzy Taylor. With Equilume’s support, he will be kept in top form both physically and mentally, paving the way for even greater achievements. Future Sport Horses efforts are recognised globally including their partnership with two of the Australian #teamequilume sponsored riders, Shenae Lowings and Kenya Wilson.


“We’ve been following Equilume for a few years and are very interested in the benefits it will bring to both our breeding and competition programmes. Equilume has a great track record of improving the outcomes in breeding from both a fertility and foal maturity perspective and assisting in having competition horses in better shape both in their physical well-being and in their mindsets.

As breeders, we experience tricky mares who are slow to transition in the spring or have unpredictable cycles which makes getting successful pregnancies early in the year particularly difficult.  We are looking forward to having Equilume as a key part of our breeding programme to assist with these more complex mares, and also hopefully achieve improved results in our embryo transfer programme.” – Julia Hodkin, Director, Future Sport Horses


“Happier, healthier horses is what we all strive for and Equilume performance lighting allows horses to live and behave more naturally so they are healthier and perform to their full potential. We are excited to play a major part in achieving Future Sport Horses goals.” – Alyssa O’Neill, Marketing Manager, Equilume

If you would like to learn more about Equilume and its impact on Future Sport Horses stock, visit


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