Equilume Performance Lighting Increases Stallion Fertility and Performance

Enhance Stallion fertility with Equilume

Stallions too need adequate light duration for optimum fertility. Equilume Performance Lighting advances and extends the period of peak performance for stallions. Our biologically effective light also increases fertility and libido delivered using smart Stable Lights or mobile Light Masks.

While they can breed all year long, fertility is optimal during the longest days of the year. The increasing day lengths of spring increases circulating testosterone levels. Semen volume, sperm concentration, libido and reproductive behaviour are all significantly influenced by the increased levels of testosterone. In nature, sperm production increases from March and usually peaks in May. For this reason, it is recommended that Long Day (16 hours of light and 8 hours of dark) light therapy for stallions be initiated 70 days prior to the time of peak reproductive activity. This application of light will ensure peak fertility to coincide with their busiest time of year.  This is especially important for young stallions facing their first or second breeding season or shuttling stallions crossing the hemispheres.

The Equilume Stable Light

Modern management of stallions requires that they spend a large proportion of the 24-h day indoors, unexposed to natural daylight. This regime negatively impacts the stallion’s mood, fertility and performance. Equilume’s blue-enriched light most closely mimics natural daylight improving mood, sperm volume and libido. The Equilume Stable Light comprises a red light at night feature. This allows the nightly rise in the hormone melatonin, stabilising circadian rhythms while facilitating night time monitoring allowing the stallion adequate rest. The high amount of blue wavelength in the Equilume Stable Light also acts as a natural air sanitiser reducing growth of bacteria so that the stallions remain healthier throughout the season.


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