Frequently Asked Questions


How can I contact you if I have any questions?

Should you have any queries you can contact our customer support team at: or


How do I register my warranty?

You can register your warranty by emailing:


How do you turn off the Equilume Light Mask?

To deactivate your Equilume Light Mask, wave the smart key over the cup four times.


What time do I activate the Equilume Light Mask?

We recommend activating the Belfield and Curragh Models at 4 pm for breeding purposes. We recommend activating the Cashel model at 8 am as it has 15 active hours of light.


Which product would be the best choice for maintaining a coat?

The Equilume Stable Light or the Cashel Light Mask would be the best choices for maintaining coat condition.


What is the cost of replacing a cup?

Please see a list of prices on our shop page


What impact does the Equilume Light Mask have on hormonal patterns?

The increased day length inhibits and regulates the production of melatonin allowing the secretion of seasonal hormones. With the automated function, the light will strengthen their circadian rhythm resulting in stringer hormonal patterns and general well being.


What sizes are the pony masks?

The pony light mask is suitable for ponies under 138cm/13.2hh. There are two models available for purchase, the Curragh Pony (reusable) and, the Cashel Pony (rechargeable). See here for more information.


How do I fit the Equilume Light Mask?

A step by step guide is available here on the best way to fit the Equilume Light Mask.


What does Melatonin do?

Melatonin is a protein hormone produced in the brain by the pineal gland at night and it has been given the ominous title of the ‘Hormone of Darkness’. In the horse, melatonin is produced primarily during the dark hours and is turned off when the light of the correct intensity and wavelength enters the eye.


How does melatonin affect GnRH release in mares?

Melatonin has a very important role in reproduction in the mare. When there is a long duration of melatonin, such as occurs during winter nights, melatonin prevents the release of a hormone called Gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH). GnRH is the hormone at the top of the hormonal cascade controlling equine reproduction. as its name suggests, it is responsible for the release of the Gonadotropins, another subset of hormones. “Gonadotropin” literally means to stimulate the growth of reproductive organs. Hence, in winter there is little GnRH around as it is turned off by melatonin and the ovaries of the mare are usually small, hard and inactive.


How Long do I leave the Equilume Light mask on my mare?

We recommend leaving the mask on until she scanned in foal.


Will my mare “shut down” again if I take the mask off her after she starts cycling?

We recommend leaving the mask on until she scanned in foal.


Why is my Light Mask flashing green?

The lifespan of the battery has come to an end.


How do I activate my Equilume Light Mask?

Wave the smart key over the cup, slowly, about four times to activate.


How do I deactivate my Equilume Light Mask?

Wave the smart key across the cup, slowly, four times to deactivate.


What colour are the lights on the Kelvin scale?

Our light best mimics natural daylight.


Can the cup be attached on the left eye?

Yes, we can supply a cup that delivers light to the left eye only.


The red light is still blinking after charging the Cashel Light Mask?

Ensure the Light Mask has been activated first to check if it is charged.


How is the Equilume Light Mask powered?

The light mask is powered by a customised battery built into the cup. The shell casing is fully weatherproof to prevent damage to the electronics.  


Will my horse’s behaviour be affected by wearing the Equilume Light Mask?

Some horses may take a few minutes to adjust the mask after the initial fitting but other than this there have been no behavioural changes noted. A study was performed that examined behaviour patterns in mares wearing masks using activity monitors and showed that there was no difference in a mares 24hour activity pattern whether she was wearing a light mask or not.


Does the administration of light to one eye affect the health of that eye?

No, thorough health checks and optical examinations were conducted by qualified veterinarians before and after the two years of trials with light mask prototypes. the light intensity used is 5 times lower than normal stable lighting and 100 times lower intensity that daylight on a sunny day.


Why is the light only on one eye?

The neuro-circuitry that carries the light signal from the eye to the part of the brain regulating melatonin is the same for both eyes. our research has shown that light in one eye effectively inhibits the production of melatonin. This discovery means that horses can receive light therapy to a single eye at night without affecting their ability to behave normally while effectively advancing their breeding season through melatonin regulation.


Why blue light?

Blue light is short wavelength light and has been found to optimally stimulate the photoreceptors in the eye that regulates melatonin production. Blue light is also biologically effective.


Do I need to turn the mask on every day? 

Once activated the mask will automatically turn on at that time every day.


Are the Equilume Light Masks reusable?

The Belfield model is not reusable, however, our Curragh Light Mask (Replaceable) and Cashel Light Mask (Rechargeable) allows for the mask to be reused.


Will the Equilume Light Mask work in cold weather?

The mask has been designed to work in temperatures as low as -25C.


How long is the warranty for the Equilume Light Mask?

Belfield: 3-months

Curragh: 3-months

Cashel: 11-months


How do I prolong a summer coat?

Light should be applied within 1 month of the summer solstice, 21st July (NH) or December 21st (SH).


How long to shed a winter coat?

6-8 weeks.


When should a pregnant mare go under lights?

90-100 days before the due date for pregnant mares.


When do mares need artificial light for early breeding?

75-90 days for dry/barren mares.


How long is the warranty for the Stable Light?

There is a 3-year warranty on our Stable Lights.


What is the Stable Light Coverage?

The light Dimensions 384 x 384 x 230 cm and the light coverage 4.5 x 4.5 x 3.5 m.


Do I need to purchase a Control Panel separately to the Stable Light?

Yes, the light will not work without the Control Panel. One Control Panel can operate up to 30 lights.


Is the Stable Light expensive to run?

The Equilume Stable Lights use the latest LED lights, therefore our lighting system is 54% cheaper to run.