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Equilume Light Masks

Wave the smart key over the cup, slowly, multiple times to activate. We recommend activating the Light Masks before applying them to your horses.

We recommend activating the Belfield and Curragh Models at 4 pm for extending daylight hours. We recommend activating the Cashel model at 8 am as it has 15 active hours of light.

Once activated the mask will automatically turn on at that time every day.

To deactivate your Equilume Light Mask, wave the smart key over the cup multiple times.

Ensure the Light Mask has been activated to check if it is charged.

The lifespan of the battery has come to an end.

Please see a list of prices on our shop page

The Belfield model is not reusable, however, our Curragh Light Mask (Replaceable) and Cashel Light Mask (Rechargeable) allows for the mask to be reused.

The light mask is powered by a customised battery built into the cup. The shell casing is fully weatherproof to prevent damage to the electronics.

The mask has been designed to work in temperatures as low as -25C.

Equilume Light Mask Fit

A step by step guide is available here on the best way to fit the Equilume Light Mask.

The pony light mask is suitable for ponies under 138cm/13.2hh. There are two models available for purchase, the Curragh Pony (reusable) and, the Cashel Pony (rechargeable). See here for more information.

Yes, we can supply a cup that delivers light to the left eye only.

Equilume Stable Lights

There is a 3-year warranty on our Stable Lights.

The Stable Light dimensions are 428 x 181.5 x 132.3 mm and the light coverage is 4.5 x 4.5 x 3.25 m.

Yes, the light will not work without the Control Panel. One Control Panel can operate up to 30 lights.

The Equilume Stable Lights use the latest LED lights, therefore our lighting system is 54% cheaper to run.

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