Time to turn on your Equilume Blue Lights

It’s time to turn on your Equilume Light Masks. For barren mares, blue light treatment should begin approximately 70 days in advance of when they are required to be bred, ideally between 15th November and 1st December. For pregnant mares activate light masks approximately 100 days before their due dates.

For optimum results, masks should remain on until mares are scanned back in foal.

Avoid delays and order your Equilume Light Masks now so you can ensure a successful upcoming breeding season


Which mask to use?

The Equilume Belfield and Curragh Light Masks are specifically designed for breeding stock to receive ‘long day’ light signals when they are maintained outdoors at pasture. The blue light in these masks activates at 4pm daily to extend the natural photoperiod.

The rechargeable Equilume Cashel Light Mask provides 15 h of blue light per day and is suitable for breeding stock that are normally housed where there is inadequate natural or artificial light exposure.


Stable Lights

The Equilume Stable Light is a fully automated LED lighting system that replicates the benefits of sunlight for the stabled horse.

It has a specific breeding programme which provides ‘long day’ blue-enriched light by day and dims to red light at night. This encourages rest and recovery while facilitating night time management routines without compromising the horse’s internal circadian rhythms.

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