Reduce costs with Equilume Performance Lighting

Equilume Stable Light
Equilume Stable Light

Equilume’s suite of products have been shown to reduce costs whether your horse is stabled, at pasture or travelling to competition.

Equilume Light Mask

Using the Light Mask means that your horse will receive the optimum light it needs for a slick show coat or early ovulation, whether they are kept indoors, outdoors or while away at competition.For breeding purposes, providing each broodmare with an Equilume Light Mask allows the completely mobile flexibility of indoor or outdoor living as conditions permit. Enjoying a mild winter? Leave them outdoors 24/7 and the mask handles light delivery for you.


Using the Light Mask will save a significant amount of money. Many breeders stable horses indoors under extended barn lighting and incur substantial costs associated with bedding and labour. For example, the average keep fee for a barren mare in Ireland is €22.80 per day*. Therefore, standard indoor light therapy for 100 days equates to approximately €2200 per mare per season. Using the Equilume Light Mask will represent estimated savings of approximately €1,100 per mare per season.


Equilume Stable Light

Modern management of horses requires that they spend a large proportion of the 24-hour day indoors and unexposed to natural changes in the light/dark cycle, as turnout is not always possible. Horses living outdoors benefit from the high blue component in daylight that synchronises internal biological rhythms and keeps the body working in synchrony with the environment, maintaining health and welfare. Additionally, natural light changes at dawn and dusk allowing horses to gradually transition to daytime or night-time in a stress-free manner. The darkness provided between sunset and sunrise ensures that the hormone melatonin rises to allow adequate rest and regeneration.  However, life for the stabled horse is very different. Abrupt changes of lighting, light pollution at night and poor quality stable light all contribute to disruption of the horse’s internal rhythms that are so important for health.

The Equilume Stable Light was designed to replicate the benefits of nature’s environmental lighting for the stabled horse. Not only does the Stable Light provide the horse with full spectrum circadian lighting, it also helps out with economics by significantly reducing energy costs. Using the latest LED technology, energy consumption is reduced by 54% over a 24-hour period when compared to a fluorescent tube running in a stable for 17-hours.**


Operational Wattage 24-h Consumption kWh
Incandescent 100 1.7
Fluorescent 96 1.6
Equilume Stable Light 50 0.8


The Stable Light also measures ambient light and adjusts its output accordingly to create the desired light intensity within the beam range reducing energy requirements. In addition, one of the many benefits of the Equilume Stable Light is that your horse’s health will improve. The blue-enriched light stabilises horse’s circadian rhythms boosting the immune system and acting as a natural air sanitiser by reducing growth of microbes. This improved immune system will significantly cut down on veterinary bills.

*Irish Thoroughbred Breeders Association Cost Survey 2014

** Value of energy is the average cost for electricity per kWh in Europe

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