Equilume Light Mask helps problematic Mare cycle with success!

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Case Study: Equilume Light Mask

Mare: What A Sunrise, whose produce to date exceed $225,870.  She is the dam of What A Wave, back to back winner of the NRHA Open World Champion 2015-2016.


In the Spring of 2016, What A Sunrise was diagnosed with placentitis. Preparations were made to not only facilitate the remainder of a healthy gestation, but also provide immediate and emergency care upon delivery of the expected foal.  Following the foaling, she was palpated to breed back and a large mass was found within her left ovary.  She suffered severe hormonal effects and lack of fertility or normal cyclicity from this tumor. Upon testing, it was diagnosed as a granulosa cell tumor.  Her ovary was removed, she was given the remainder of the breeding season and fall off to nurse her foal and recover.

 Upon departure from the breeding facility, it was recommended that to use the Equilume Light Mask through the fall and winter seasons to assist her in cycling early for 2017.  The Light Mask was applied on November 14, 2016.  This gave her the opportunity to be a broodmare without the hassle of being stalled all fall and winter under artificial lighting. It also meant that she could be kept outdoors moving more freely in a natural environment.

As they entered the Spring of 2017, there was a huge possibility that she would not cycle quickly because of having only one ovary. It would also come apparent if the surgery was a success. Her initial palpation on January 7, 2017 showed early estrous activity. By the middle of February, she was covered with the view to performing an embryo transfer.  She was covered successfully and foals are due in 2018.

The Equilume Mask alleviated the extra care and management required for putting What A Sunrise under lights and the stress of whether the lights and system were working effectively.

“We knew going into 2017 that there might be some hurdles reproductively for our mare and we wanted to make sure we made the appropriate decisions to do what was ultimately best for her.  We will definitely continue to use the Equilume Light Mask for What A Sunrise, as well as our other mares.”   

– Sam Ellis and Tina Ellis, Iron Horse Performance Horses

Check out our breeding section of the website to see how the Equilume Light Mask can enhance breeding efficiencies.


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