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Avoid delays and make sure to order your Equilume Light Masks to boost breeding efficiency for the upcoming season.

For barren mares, blue light treatment should begin approximately 70 days in advance of desired breeding date, ideally between 15th November and 1st December. For pregnant mares activate light masks approximately 100 days before their due dates.

In order to ensure optimum results, the masks should remain on until mares are scanned back in foal.


Equilume’s scientifically designed blue light technology mimics the wavelengths of light on a natural summer’s day.  This has important applications for both barren and pregnant mares. Exposure to optimum daylight intensities and wavelengths suppresses the production of melatonin which influences when a mare will start cycling and also impacts breeding efficiency.

Published scientific studies confirm that extending daylength for barren mares using blue light from Equilume Light Masks advances reproductive cycles as effectively as stable lighting, with the bonus that mares can be kept at pasture. For pregnant mares, extended daily light from light masks has been shown to prevent prolonged gestations (reduction of 10-15 days) and optimise foal birth weights (average 4 kg increase) and foal maturity while improving post-foaling fertility.

New research has also shown that pregnant mares wearing blue light masks in the final 100 days of gestation had shorter pregnancies, earlier post-foaling ovulations and more mature foals at birth. The blue-light stimulated mares developed larger follicles in the late stages of gestation and could be bred sooner after foaling. The exciting studies also found that foals from mares wearing light masks in the final months of pregnancy stood 15 minutes faster after birth than foals born to mares that did not receive additional light.

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