A Game Changer for Breeding and Showing

We have long-known that day length influences our horses

  • reproduction
  • performance
  • coat condition


Humans have made some attempts to influence these seasonal changes through stable lighting or drug administration, but until now, nothing has provided all the undeniable benefits of the Equilume Light Mask for both the breeding and show horse industries.

The Equilume Light Mask is an innovative method of providing artificial light to horses – equine blue light therapy. This novel equine biotech head piece provides the optimum level of timed blue light to a single eye to effectively deliver all the benefits associated with long summer days. Scientifically validated and veterinary evaluated, mobile blue light therapy affords owners the benefits of ease of management, and horses the freedom of natural behaviour and improved health and well-being. The Equilume Light Mask permits efficient light management whether horses are indoors, outdoors or on the road, and it ensures early reproductive success and maintenance of coat condition and summer vigour for competition animals.

  • High efficiency precision blue LED array with light diffuser
  • Eye cup is waterproof, durable and flexible
  • Peripheral visibility windows
  • Military grade bonded nylon mesh is breathable, durable and quick drying
  • High quality felt for comfort
  • Bonded nylon lock loop stitching for strength
  • Safety sealed, long-life, custom battery
  • Dual fastening, adjustable, premium velcro
  • Halter securing retainer loops


The Equilume Light Mask delivers blue light at a specific wavelength automatically from 4 pm until 11pm each day, extending the short days of winter. No drugs, no hormones, just gentle light therapy.

Cost Saving

Not having to keep your mares inside saves significantly on bedding and labour. Turnout is not only possible but easy for your show horses when they wear the Equilume Light Mask.


Isn’t it great when the right thing to do for your mares is also the best thing for your breeding programme? Keeping mares outdoors has been shown time and time again to improve breeding success. Now you can let the mask do the work, while your mares are turned out where they can move, graze and interact naturally, permitting better fertility, normal foaling times and stronger foals.

Better with Blue

Sounds miraculous, doesn’t it? It’s just the power of light, customised for your horse and deployed in such a way as to make your management easier, more cost-effective and successful. It simplifies your quest for success.

Just ask William T. Gray, DVM, of Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic in California, who said of Equilume:

The very best device I have seen in 25 years of reproductive practice, second only to the introduction of the ultrasound. It will get them bred early.”