Easy to Operate

The Equilume Light Mask provides mobile, precision blue light therapy on an automatic timer, and is powered to last an entire breeding season (Belfield model, five months). It contains a light sensor such that the blue light will only stay on for 30 sec once activated until environmental light levels drop at dusk. When low light is detected the blue light will come on for the remainder of the 7-hour active period. If initially activated at 4 pm (16:00) on the first day of light therapy, the light mask will automatically switch off seven hours later at 11 pm (23:00) every night. The long-life battery has been customised for horses and all-weather conditions.

To Fit

Open velcro below the jaw piece and hold Light Mask by the headpiece. N.B. Ensure the horse is familiar with the velcro sound before fitting the mask to avoid alarming the horse.

Fit mask over ears, as you would a bridle.

Close the velcro below the jaw; be sure the mask is secure but not too tight.

Straighten mask on face and position mane and forelock.

Adjust the mask to fit each individual horse via velcro fastenings at side and centre. N.B. Ensure eye openings are centred around the eyes.

Fit halter over Light Mask, threading the head strap through the halter retaining loops, which are situated underneath the head strap.

To Activate

The mask should be activated before putting it on the horse.

The mask only needs to be activated once and after that it will automatically turn on at that time every day.

  • Slowly wave Equilume Activator Wand across cup surface four times at 4 pm (16:00). (Belfield & Curragh Models)
  • Observe that the blue light turns on. If the ambient light is above a certain level the blue light will turn off until the sensor detects dusk. DO NOT try to restart the light mask if you see the light go off. This will only de-activate the timer. Instead, check the light mask once after the ambient light is very dim or dark. If you see the light during that period, you can rest assured that it was correctly activated.

Once activated initially at 4pm (16:00) the Equilume Light Mask will activate at that time every day and be active for seven hours. It will automatically turn off each night at 11 pm (23:00) (Belfield & Curragh Models)

To Deactivate or Reset

Wave the  Equilume Activator Wand across cup slowly four times

Observe a green light will pulse four times. The light mask is now deactivated and can be stored.

Repeat activation instructions to reset

To Care for your Light Mask

Just remember “L-I-G-H-T”

L is for Light Intensity and will be maintained by cleaning the inner surface of the cup once per week.

I is for Inspect weekly for fit, positioning, and comfort.

G is for Groom the horse’s head before fitting and each week of use to facilitate hair shedding.

H is for Halter retaining loops that should be used to stabilise and position the mask correctly.

T is for Time-sensitive activation The Equilume Light Mask must be activated once at 4 pm (16:00) and NOT AT ANY OTHER TIME (Belfield & Curragh Models)

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Ensure the mask is fitted on the horse correctly, as described here.

The Equilume Light Mask has an active life span and should be disposed of responsibly after the battery has depleted.