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Equilume_Best Reproduction Device

The Innovation in Mobile Light Therapy for Breeding and Show Horses

We’ve all long-known that the sun rules our horses, in both reproductive and coat cycling. The days get shorter, the coats get longer. Conversely, when the days lengthen in the spring, the winter coat sheds out and mares come into season. Humans have made some attempts to alter this, through stable lighting or hormone dosing, but until now, nothing has carried all the undeniable benefits of the Equilume Light Mask for both the breeding and show horse industries.



The Equilume Light Mask delivers blue light of a specific wavelength automatically from 4 pm to 10 pm each day, extending the short days of winter. No drugs, no hormones, just gentle light therapy.



Not having to keep your mares inside saves an enormous amount in bedding and labor, and turnout is not only possible but easy for your show horses when they wear the Equilume Light Mask.



Isn’t is great when the kind thing to do for your mares is also the right thing for your program? Keeping mares outside has been proven to improve breeding success. Now you can simply put the mask on at a specific time of year, and it handles the rest. Turn them out where they’ll be happy in their group, and they’ll come into season early, breed more successfully, and deliver foals far more on-time and at an optimal weight.


It’s Better With Blue™

Sounds miraculous doesn’t it? It’s just the power of light, deployed in such a way as to make your management easier, more cost-effective and successful. It simplifies your quest for success.


Just ask William T. Gray, DVM, of Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic in California, who said of Equilume:

The very best device I have seen in 25years of reproductive practice, second only to the introduction of the ultrasound. It will get them bred early.”