“We have been using Equilume masks on barren and maiden mares for the last three years and the results have been fantastic! The mares cycle just as good as if they were boxed under lights and pregnancy rates on first cover have also noticeably increased. The masks have become a big part of our breeding season preparation.”

Shane Wright, Manager, Yarraman Park Stud, AUS   australia-flag-icon

“I used Equilume light masks for the first time last year and was so impressed with the results! My mare began shedding her coat after just 3 weeks. By 6 weeks she was completely seal-skinned and show ready (she looked super!). I was so impressed by the convenience of not needing to have her stalled constantly. My experience left me with great confidence in the product and I intend purchasing Equilume masks for all of my show horses this season!”

Brooke Tremain, Official Show Horse Judge EWA, Park Royal Stud, Western AUS   australia-flag-icon

“At Rheinwood we used the Equilume Light Masks for the first time in 2015. We had been aware of the existence of the masks but had never actively sought any additional information out about them, fearing they were too expensive over the traditional ‘under lights method’.. How wrong I was to think this…! We were 100% thrilled with the benefits from the masks; not only for the horses’ well-being, as they are able to remain happy and content out in the paddock, but it was far less work for staff on a day-to-day basis caring for the mares and the main benefit – getting the mares cycling sooner, covered and in foal! The results for us were amazing and I would not hesitate in recommending Equilume to any breeder.

We also prepped our mares for sale using Equilume for the first time this year. They were in the paddock for the whole prep. Equilume Light Masks used in conjunction with rugging and feed ensured they were in perfect condition and had a superb coat for the sales. A prep that was happy and not at all stressful for the mares!”

Kirsty Willis, Operations Manager, Rheinwood Pastoral Co, NSW, AUS   australia-flag-icon

“Lindsay Racing at Karaka have used the Equilume Light masks on maiden mares for the past two seasons with great success in achieving early breedings/conceptions. We experienced a 100% success rate on NZ based maidens and also used the light masks to help Northern Hemisphere mares flying out from the UK summer to winter in Australia, transition to Southern Hemisphere seasonality – also a 100% success rate.”

Lindsay Racing, Karaka, NZ   new-zealand-flag-icon

“These masks are phenomenal! This is the second year our farm in Lexington, KY has used them and last year every mare that had one on got in foal on one cover. Both last year and this year we have had a group with the masks outside 23 hours/day and one under lights inside until 11pm and those with the masks have cycled earlier and according to our vet have much better tone in the uterus and cervix much sooner. In 2015, every barren/maiden that had a mask on got in foal on one cover, the ones under lights all got in foal as well but three of eight took more than one cover. Saved approximately $1,500 in labor, straw and utilities on each mare that had a mask on (that includes the cost of the masks themselves). Highly recommend these!!!”

Charlie McKinlay, Keene Ridge Farm, Kentucky, USA   United-States-Flag

“I have been a Equine Reproductive veterinarian for 30 years. Have worked at some of the largest Quarter Horse Breeding farms in the country and managed a recipient herd of over 1500 Mares. The Equilume lighting system is the best lighting program I have ever experienced. I firmly believe that it will revolutionize how mares are managed for breeding season. I used it on 100% of our mares (including Recipient mares). My mares were cycling better than ever before on February 1st. Oddly enough my old mares (24-25 years of age) were all cycling by February 1st. A few middle aged mares were transitional but ovulated prior to Mid February. They saved me money on shavings and labor of cleaning stalls and bringing mares in and out of the barn. I always said mares that lived outside had less uterine fluid than mares kept in the stall. This year was the proof. Think about it. Most mares come in the barn at 3pm and leave at 7 am. That means they are standing in a stall 16 hours a day. This year they were outside grazing and playing with their buddies 16 more hours a day than they had in the past. My old mares this year had minimal problems with poor uterine clearance and urine pooling. I have no doubt that is because of being outside 24/7. Not to mention being happier living in the pasture rather than the stall.”

Kurt W Harris DVM, Fulton Quien Sabe Ranch, Stonewall, Texas, USA   United-States-Flag

“We at Taylor Made used the Equilume Light Masks on over 50 barren and maiden mares this season to bring forward seasonal reproductive activity. We found that the light masks worked just as well as conventional stable lighting at ensuring early cyclicity. In addition we believe that there are significant advantages to extended turn-out for mares that Equilume facilitates.”

Frank Taylor, Vice President of Boarding Operations, Taylor Made Sales Agency, Kentucky, USA   United-States-Flag

“We purchased one of these new masks for a mare here in Ballydorgan Stud who has consistently foaled well past her due date. Six weeks overdue in 2012! She foaled bang on time last night, so we are well impressed with this new concept and product.”

– John & Annemarie O’Connor, Ballydorgan Stud, IRE   Ireland-Flag

“I was delighted with the benefits we gained from our first season using the Equilume Light Masks in 2013. Aside from the obvious efficiencies of not having to box our mares under lights, our barren and maidens had strong heats in early September with excellent fertility. Without any hesitation, we will be using the light masks again next season.”

– Gordon Cunnigham, Curraghmore Stud, NZ   new-zealand-flag-icon

“The 20 masks you put on our mares in early December are working beautifully. Our mares are foaling closer to their due dates than is usual during the winter months and they are just as effective in getting mares to come into oestrus as lighted stalls, if not more so. They represent a large saving of both money and labor as compared to bringing mares in and out of barns with lighted stalls, cleaning and rebedding stalls etc.”

– Alan J. Leavitt, Walnut Hall Ltd. Kentucky, USA   United-States-Flag

“I have come to the undeniable conclusion that the masks successfully advanced reproductive activity in my mares in time for the start of the breeding season. The quality, durability and reliability of the masks, I must add, is second to none.”

– Sebastian Murat, Coldwater Farm, Kentucky, USA   United-States-Flag

“My two barren mares that wore masks since November both cycled, were bred, and got in foal just as I had hoped. I bred the first one on February 14th and the second on February 20th. Figuring normal gestation of 11 months 10 days, my first two mares to foal were right on target. That’s almost perfect in my opinion. Using the masks has been a life changer. I love them! They have given me confidence in the future.”

– Rosylin Polan, Sunday Morning Farm, Kentucky, USA   United-States-Flag

“All mares with the Equilume™ mask showed heat in January and they had normal oestrous cycles. Equilume is effective to control reproductive organs as much as standard method of light control. The mares with Equilume were covered in the early breeding season and 70% of them became pregnant immediately. Equilume saved our time and daily running costs (electricity, bedding and labor etc).”

– Dr. Naoya Yoshida DVM, Winchester Farm, Kentucky, USA   United-States-Flag

“I have been excited since being introduced to this concept and have successfully used the Equilume™ Light Masks for the last two breeding seasons, I am confident that they will be a world wide success for breeders. In the difficult breeding year of 2013, Equilume™ was a ‘shining light’ in tightening our average gestation lengths.”

– Dermot Cantillon, Tinnakill House Stud, IRE   Ireland-Flag

“I think that Equilume Light Masks will open the eyes of the horse industry to the benefits of light manipulation in the same way that deslorelin brought focus to ovulation-inducing drugs”

– Dr. Angus McKinnon B.V.Sc., M.Sc., Diplomate A.C.T., Dip.Vet.Med., Diplomate A.B.V.P, Director, Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital, Shepparton, VIC, AUS   australia-flag-icon

“We used the Equilume Light Masks last year with great success. Our dry mares were all cycling and covered early, while reducing our management costs significantly. Our pregnant mares that wore the masks foaled on time with excellent post-foaling fertility, especially mares that had previously struggled to cycle with foal at foot. We would highly recommend Equilume to farms that want to reduce costs and improve breeding efficiency.”

– Mike Fleming, Broadwater Thoroughbreds, Scone, NSW, AUS   australia-flag-icon

“Debbie and I used Equilume Light Masks on four barren mares and one maiden mare last season at Jackson Purchase Farm. I was a little reluctant to part with proven ways, but I am happy to say that the masks worked great. All of the mares had breedable follicles and had gone through transition by the February 14th. Four of the mares conceived on the first cover while one was more challenging. In the winter of 2014 we had zero issues with the mares being outside 24/7, often in sub-zero temperatures. Besides the fact that the mares all cycled as I hoped, I am still married, spent less on van and vet charges and had healthier mares. Like extended turnout for any class of horse, daily observation, occasional adjusting of masks and adjustment of feed and hay is necessary. For me the economics were good and the mares simply did better outside. I am a believer!”

– Dr. Steve Jackson, Bluegrass Equine Nutrition, Lexington, Kentucky USA   United-States-Flag

“We used the Equilume Light Masks last season on a selection of our in-foal mares with a history of long gestation lengths. We found that the masks worked to good effect and resulted in a significant reduction in gestation lengths compared to the 2013 gestations in the same mares. We felt the light masks were effective at reducing prolonged gestations in pregnant mares and intend to use them again.”

– Mick and Tiffany Allen, Celadon Benbrook Australian Stock Horses Luskintyre, NSW, AUS   australia-flag-icon

“The very best device I have seen in 25 years of reproductive practice, second only to the introduction of the ultrasound. It will get them bred early.”

– William T. Gray, DVM, Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic, California USA   United-States-Flag

“At last, a novel and exciting advancement in horse breeding which is based on sound theory and solid science. The Equilume Light Mask is sure to be of major practical benefit to the Thoroughbred breeders around the world who have the good sense to use it.”

– Professor W.R. (Twink) Allen, Director at the Paul Mellon Laboratory of Reproduction, Newmarket UK   united_kingdom_great_britain

“Last season, I really put the Equilume Light Mask to the test. I used it on mares that for years wouldn’t cycle until April or May. With the Equilume Light Mask, the mares were cycling by the end of January. Staying outside with the mask is positive for the horse, for their life, for mares cycling, for their hair coat. I look forward to using the mask again this season. I am sold!”

– Chris Benedict, Judge AQHA/NRCHA/NCHA, DLR Ranch, Weatherford, Texas USA   United-States-Flag

“Last season, I really put the Equilume Light Mask to the test. I used it on mares that for years wouldn’t cycle until April or May. With the Equilume Light Mask, the mares were cycling by the end of January. Staying outside with the mask is positive for the horse, for their life, for mares cycling, for their hair coat. I look forward to using the mask again this season. I am sold!”

– Julien Dollar, General Manager, Newsells Park Stud, UK   united_kingdom_great_britain