The Equilume Stable Light provides the horse with biologically effective light in a system that replicates the benefits of nature’s environmental lighting for the stabled horse. When installed, the lights are designed to maximize health, performance and breeding efficiency by naturally strengthening the horse’s circadian rhythms.


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“I was amazed at the overall change in the horses after about six weeks under the Equilume lights, by the condition they were carrying and the way their coats looked. We were quietly surprised at how clean all the throats looked when we scoped them prior to shipping out to sales, clear of pharyngitis, all mucus and guttural pouch infections.

For me, who is sceptical of most things new, I found these Stable Lights to be one of the only new technologies that worked really well.”


Eddie Woods , Ocala , Florida, USA

Milburn Creek Yearling

“The Equilume Stable Lights have made a real impact on the way we prep our horses. They allowed us to control their daylight hours with quality lighting that helped us maintain their coats, particularly this year as it was one of our coldest Easter preps in years. In the Southern Highlands, where the weather and temperature can vary so much, we definitely appreciated having the lights in our barn!

We use the Equilume lights all year round. With weanlings and mares coming through the barn, it’s super convenient to be able to select custom lighting programmes for different time periods depending on what horses we have in. These lights are a valuable tool in helping us to keep our horses in top condition and health all year around.”

Karis Clarkson, Assistant Manager Milburn Creek Stud, NSW, Australia

Kiltinan Yearling Quote

“At Kiltinan Castle Stud we had always used light therapy successfully with our breeding and young stock but are already seeing the benefits of installing the Equilume Stable Lights as we approach our second season using them. With the gradual dimming and red light settings at night, horses remain settled and undisturbed during night checks and foaling.

During yearling sales preparation there was a noticeable difference in how quickly the horses coats blossomed under the Equilume Lights and more so how the filly’s coats stayed sleek well into the cool, Autumn nights.

The system is user friendly and we have had great customer support from the team at Equilume who are always at hand to answer any questions or help us maximize the benefits of using the stable lights.”

Donna Vowles, Stud Manager, Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland

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“The Equilume Stable Lights make sense to me, for young horses and especially yearlings to get their coats forward and improve their whole well-being and physique. 

The horses under the Equilume lights all eat incredibly well.  If they are eating you can work them.”

Jessica Harrington, Leading Dual-Purpose Trainer, Ireland.

Sam Watson - close up edited

“Getting horses in great condition is often about keeping them in the best conditions. Health, muscle growth, mood, energy, rest and recovery are all areas that I personally feel are negatively impacted on dark and gloomy days. The Equilume team have the science to show that the same is true for horses and that their lighting solutions work to improve these factors. We’ve got our broodmares and performance horses using the Equilume Stable Lights and Light Masks. We want the best for our horses and we don’t want to miss out on a performance edge. Lighting clearly has an important part to play. Plus, who doesn’t want their day brightened up?!”

Sam Watson, International Event Rider, Ireland.


“After consultation with our vets Cambridge Equine Hospital and, in particular, Dr. Robert Hitchcock, we decided to install Equilume lighting in our new stallion barn, built during 2019.  Dr. Hitchcock said the results of testing from the Equilume lighting systems had been very positive and we had four stallions under these lights last year.  We were very pleased with the returns from all stallions, but particularly our French shuttle stallion Almanzor and first season sire Embellish, both of whom covered books in excess of 140 mares and achieved pregnancy rates in the low 90’s after all testing was complete.”

Henry Plumptre, CEO, Cambridge Stud, NZ

Pat Sells

“In my opinion, the introduction of Equilume’s blue wavelength lighting to breeding mares constitutes the biggest technological step forward for equine reproduction since the ultrasound machine became widely used for scanning in the 1980s.


I first started using the Equilume masks in New Zealand when they came out in 2014, which suited the farming system there. For UK breeding farm practice, I find the Equilume Stable Light system to be superior. The benefits are comprehensive: the circadian effect on dry mares seems more profound than when using fluorescent lights, in that medical intervention is needed less frequently to stimulate cyclicity; birthweights are higher, particularly in early season mares; those mares that consistently go longer in gestating are (as a group, on average) shortened up.


The difference in electricity consumption alone justifies their purchase from economic and environmental perspectives. Beyond all these considerations, I think the evidence that microbial decay is caused by blue light wavelengths is interesting. I have noticed fewer neonatal infection issues since their introduction, particularly diarrhoea, presumably due to the lower microbial load in the stable environment.


Really, from every perspective as a vet and a breeder, these lights tick the box.”

Dr Pat Sells BVSc BSc (Hons) CertAVP MRCVS, Stud Veterinarian, Chasemore Farm, UK