Did you know that Equilume can help you control when your mare is bred and help improve the success of your breeding programme?

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Timing is everything, and while there is less pressure to produce performance horses early in the season, early conceptions mean less disruption of competition schedules, reduced workload managing multiple cycles and increase the chances of success using valuable semen.
Our Equilume Light Masks are a simple tool that more and more Sport Horse breeders are relying on to ensure maximum success for their breeding programmes.
Let us help you simplify your quest for success.

Some leading competitors and vets explain why they trust Equilume and use it as a vital tool in their breeding programmes :

Dr Lee Morris 2

“The beneficial effects of exposing mares to 16 hours of light daily for advancing the onset of estrus have been known and proven for decades. Now, thanks to Equilume, there is a simple, durable and effective light mask that can be used on mares in the fields or stables.

At EquiBreed NZ we use Equilume Light Masks for our embryo transfer donors and recipients so we can breed these mares early before their competition season starts.

We also love our Equilume Stable Lights in our stallion stables!”


Dr Lee Morris, BVSc DVSc DipACT, Registered Specialist Veterinary, Reproduction, EquiBreed NZ

Gabby Chugg- Chuggy Equestrian

“We have been using  Equilume Light Masks for the past  5 seasons on our Showjumping mares that we compete and also use for embryo transfer. 

Our horses all live out in paddocks 24/7. Using the masks is a great way to have the mares under the appropriate amount of light to give us the edge when it comes to breeding season, without having to interrupt their normal routines.

Embryo transfer doesn’t always go to plan because there are many more variables involved in the process. However, by using the Equilume masks it ensures our mares are cycling at the beginning of the breeding season. This allows us to have more time up our sleeve to fit in around their competition schedules and try multiple times in case embryos don’t take etc. It avoids the last minute dash to breed towards the end of the season, which is usually when the mares that haven’t been wearing the Equilume masks are more inclined to cycle more regularly because of the extended daylight hours and hotter weather.

Equilume has been an important part of our breeding program and has helped us make the process of getting progeny on the ground from our top competition mares that little bit easier.” 

Gabi Chugg – Chuggy Equestrian, NSW, Australia

Holly Blue image

“I found the Equilume Light Masks beneficial for competition mares who are having embryos flushed early before the season starts. They also work well for difficult mares, we can maximise the chance of a successful conception being achieved by commencing the breeding season as early as possible. The light masks are easy to use and cause no stress to the mares as they continue their normal routine at pasture. The Equilume masks are a great benefit to difficult mares who may take more than one cycle to conceive.”

Dr Holly Blue BVSc, Equine Reproduction, Blue Blood Equine, NZ

Blue Light Therapy

“I think that the Equilume Light Masks will open the eyes of the horse industry to the benefits of light manipulation in the same way that deslorelin brought focus to ovulation-inducing drugs”

Dr. Angus McKinnon BVSc, MSc, Dip ACT, Dip Vet Med, Dip ABVP Reproduction Specialist Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital, Victoria, Australia