Equilume Cashel (rechargeable)$861

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The Equilume Cashel has a rechargeable cup, ideal for horses with limited turnout and/or poorly lit stables. The Cashel Light Mask is designed for performance horses and maintaining coat condition. Fully adjustable headpiece with velcro fastenings, machine washable. Plastic polymer cup with integrated LED and electronics on the right eye.

Starter Pack: Mask, Cup, Smart Key, Power Adapter, USB Cable


  • Battery Type: Rechargeable
  • Charging Interval: 7 days
  • Active hours per day: 15
  • Lifespan: 18 months


  • Maintains summer coat
  • Sheds winter coat
  • Healthier horses
  • Increases muscle response to exercise
  • Ideal for horses with limited turn-out and/or poorly lit stables
  • Keeps condition for horses on box rest