Optimize Sales Preparation

Equilume’s Performance Lighting products are designed to provide optimal daylength that will stimulate summer hormones and ensure horses have a slick summer coat in time for sales.  In addition to a great coat, the biologically effective blue light delivered by our  Stable Lights and mobile Light Masks ensures that sales horses are getting the most out of every aspect of their preparation.


The long day stimulus will ensure that yearlings stay in great skin all the way through to the autumn sales. In addition to hormones that optimise coat condition, naturally occurring testosterone levels will increase. This influences the horse’s muscle response to exercise. Additional improvements in metabolism ensure that they fully utilize their feed and both these factors lead to improvements in their topline. Hooves will also benefit by continuing to grow at a summer rate so there will be more foot to work with closer to sales time.


Biologically effective blue light stimulates every cell in the body and strengthens the immune system. In addition, studies have shown that blue light suppresses bacterial and fungal growth in stables, so horses breathe cleaner air and helps maintain respiratory health. Blue light is also tightly linked to mood improvements. Temperament improvements will potentially reduce stereotypic behaviours and make horses easier to work with so that they present themselves to their best.

Yearling Coat Shedding

Yearling Coat Shedding

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