Optimize Sales Preparation

Equilume Performance Lighting mimics a long summer’s day, stimulating seasonal hormones, including prolactin that allow your horse to produce a slick summer coat. The biologically effective light delivered by using smart Stable Lights and mobile Light Masks ensures that the yearlings are getting the most of every aspect of their sales preparation.


The long day stimulus will ensure the yearlings stay in great skin all the way through to the autumn sales. Equilume Performance Lighting will increase naturally occurring testosterone. This will optimize the horses muscle response to exercise ensuring that they fully utilize their feed for improved metabolism. This will be evident in their topline. The yearling’s hooves will continue to grow at a summer rate so there will be more foot to work with closer to sales time.


The biologically effective light stimulates every cell in the body strengthening the immune system. In addition, the blue light will inhibit bacterial and fungal growth. The cleaner air will improve respiratory health. The yearling’s temperament will improve potentially reducing stereotypic behaviour as a result of the lighting best mimicking the natural light-dark cycle.

Yearling Coat Shedding

Yearling Coat Shedding

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