Improve Health With The Equilume Stable Lighting System

Equilume’s Stable Lighting is the newest innovation in lighting technology and provides biologically effective light in a system that replicates the benefits of nature’s environmental lighting for the stabled horse. When installed, this science-backed lighting system immediately acts to influence health, performance and welfare by naturally strengthening the horse’s circadian rhythms.

A key proven component is the blue-enriched daytime light that best mimics the spectrum of natural daylight boosting metabolism, alertness, appetite and reducing the growth of bacteria and fungi in the horse’s environment. The light provides a cleaner environment that contributes to improved respiratory health and accelerated wound healing.

A second unique component of the Equilume Stable Light system is that the lights dim to red light at night. As we frequently interact with horses during darkness hours, it is often necessary to turn on lights at night. White light at night is a major cause of reduced health and welfare to humans and horses as it disrupts animal’s circadian rhythms. The horses’ immune system is stronger when they are allowed adequate rest and recovery, and this better promoted under low levels of red light. A third component is a gradual dim up at dawn and dim down at dusk, allowing horses to experience a gradual change in light intensity similar to the natural environment.

The Equilume Stable Lighting system replicates the seasonal changes in day length but with a specially customised programme for horses that extends the duration of peak performance and ensures that horses have the optimum exposure to daytime light even in the dark winter months. Equilume’s LED technology functions at a fraction of the cost of traditional stable lighting, greatly minimising energy costs. The system’s ability to naturally enhance a horse’s health and strengthen the immune system will also result in less intervention from your vet further reducing management costs.

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