Equilume Launch New Light Mask Models

Having successfully launched the Equilume Light Mask in 2013, the blue lights are now seen on thoroughbred, sport and show horses in every equine hub across the world. Using the Light Mask means that your horse can get the optimum light it needs for a slick show coat, or to get your mare cycling, whether you keep them indoors, outdoors or while away at competition.

There are now two additional models available for purchase, the Equilume Curragh (replaceable) and Equilume Cashel (rechargeable). Our new models allow you to detach the cup for replacement or recharging when needed, permitting reuse of the headpiece for multiple seasons.


The Equilume Curragh consists of a replaceable cup that provides 7 hours of light daily lasting up to four months. This mask has a multi-application use from mares, stallions and yearlings.

The Equilume Cashel consists of a rechargeable light source that provides 15 hours of light daily with 7 active days between charges. This mask is designed for maintaining sleek coats and is ideal for limited turnout and/ or poorly lit stables.

“We are delighted to announce our new product range, we have now successfully addressed markets demands for replaceable and rechargeable models.” Dr. Barbara A. Murphy- CSO & Founder, Equilume

‘We have been using the Equilume Light Masks on our mares for 3 years now and we are delighted to hear about the new models coming to the market. The Curragh model is the perfect upgrade for our operation, saving us the expenses associated with stabling while also maximising our overall breeding efficiency’

Kim Gullatt Twin Creeks Farm, KY, USA

‘We are delighted to hear about the new Equilume Light Mask models. Customers love choice and now they can decide the right model to suit their management and needs. Now the Equilume Light Mask is relevant to every horse breed across the world’

Jamie Thorne ‘Central West Equine, NSW, Australia

Click here to for more information about our new Light Mask Models.

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