Bovine Light Mask wins Innovation Awards

Equilume’s New Bovine Light Mask designed to Increase Milk Yield wins Agri-Tech Innovation Award and Design Partners Award at 2017 National Ploughing Championship.

The Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena Awards, in conjunction with the National Ploughing Association and the Irish Farmers Journal, featured ground-breaking agri-related products and innovations from 69 Irish agri-companies.

Equilume, part of the Circadian Group, is the world leader in the development of science-based light therapy solutions to improve the performance of animals. Leveraging the global success of its initial market offering, the Equilume Light Mask and Equilume Stable Light, to assist the equine industry maximise reproductive efficiency and competitive performance, the company’s R&D activities have seen it expand into the indoor and mobile lighting market for the dairy industry. Initial trails of the newly developed Bovine Light Mask have seen a 9% increase in milk yield and will offer a substantial improvement in production efficiency for pasture based dairy enterprises.

The Circadian Group was founded in 2016 by the management team at Equilume. The formation of the company was underpinned by the predicted population growth that the world will experience over the next generations. With this population growth, there is a requirement in agriculture to greatly increase efficiencies and production levels in order to meet the global calorific and protein levels required for a population of nearly 10 billion by 2050. Through Equilume’s experience in equine and the understanding of the effects of light on animal performance, the Circadian Group aim to deliver innovative science based lighting products across the agri sectors. These products will create higher performing farms with much improved animal welfare, while contributing to the environment

Circadian Group through our scientific research strives to understand and augment the natural circadian rhythms of animals to optimise performance.

Dr Barbara Murphy, founder and CSO, Equilume said, “I am honoured to have won these Innovation Awards and to be amongst a group of influential award winners who are leading the way in developing innovative agri-tech products and solutions which have the potential to impact not only the agri-tech sector in Ireland but around the world. The company is going from strength to strength and I would like to take this opportunity to commend efforts of our enthusiastic team which is driving our scientific research and innovative product development.”

Read more about the Innovation awards here.

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