Equilume Light Mask Standard Terms and Conditions of Use

Instructions for use

Note: The Equilume Light Mask needs to be manually activated at 4pm before use

1. To activate:

– Slowly wave the Equilume Activator Wand across the outer surface of the eye cup 4 times.

– You will see a green light flash once and then the blue light turns on.

– The Equilume Light Mask is now active. It will automatically operate daily for a 7-hour period from 4pm until 11pm.

Once it has been activated, the daily timer is set for the season and can remain on the horse for the length of time


Please note: If you are unsure of when to initiate light treatment using the Equilume Light Mask, please visit our

website for more detailed guidelines www.equilume.com

Please note: The Equilume Light Mask contains a light sensor. Its function is to deactivate the blue light if there is sufficient

environmental light and thus extend the battery life. When the light intensity naturally decreases at dusk, the blue light will

automatically turn on and provide the horse with the optimal duration of light needed. The blue light will always turn off at 11pm

if activated at 4pm on the first day. Do not re-activate the light mask if you see the blue light turn off before dusk, as this will

only reset the timer.

2. To de-activate:

– When there is no longer a need for extended daylength provided by the Equilume Light Mask, once again slowly

wave the Equilume Activator Wand across the outer surface of the eyecup 4 times.

– You will see a green light pulse 3-4 times.

– The Equilume Light Mask is now de-activated and can be stored for later re-use.

– To re-activate the Equilume Light Mask repeat the activation instructions above.

3. The Equilume Light Mask Technology is enclosed within a watertight enclosure for safety and durability. It is

specifically designed to power the Equilume Light Mask for the optimum length of time.

4. Please follow the instructions in the ‘How to fit’ section on our website (www.equilume.com) to ensure the Equilume

Light Mask has been fitted properly to your horse.

5. It is recommended that weekly maintenance checks are carried out on all Equilume products

a. Clean dirt or debris from the light surface to maintain optimal light intensity

b. Check that the fit of the mask remains comfortable on the horse and make any size adjustments

c. Groom the horses head at intervals to remove hair build up underneath the mask as a result of shedding


– Try to avoid using or placing the Equilume Light Mask in close proximity to strong magnets or direct heat.

– When you have finished using the Equilume Light Mask it is recommended that you deactivate it in order to prolong

the battery life.

– The Equilume Light Mask should be stored in a safe, dry and warm environment.

– When the battery life of the Equilume Light Mask has expired please dispose of the entire unit responsibly.

o Please note: The Equilume Light mask product contains electrical components and a lithium ion battery.

– Only competent horse handlers should be responsible for fitting the Equilume Light Mask to avoid risk of injury.


– Equilume cannot be held accountable for any potential loss/injury to the handler/animal when fitting, maintaining or

activating the Equilume Light Mask.

– The Equilume Light Mask is not guaranteed to produce results in all animals. Individual horse variation will influence

response to light treatment.

– Owners of horses with reproductive and/or health issues should consult their veterinarian before using the Equilume

Light Mask

Equilume Ltd Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale


– If you wish to cancel your Equilume order it can be done within 14 days of purchase provided it is returned unopened

and undamaged in its original packaging.


– Pricing may vary due to changes in currency exchange rates and costs.

– Quotes provided by Equilume will automatically expire after 30 days.

– All displayed Equilume prices are shown inclusive of sales tax.


– Payments to Equilume can be processed by cheque; wire transfer, credit card or PayPal.

o Please note: Equilume will not cover any additional foreign transaction fees incurred.

– Equilume requires that payment be made in full at the time of purchase.

– In special cases where Equilume has extended credit, the terms of payment are 30 days. An 8.5% interest fee will be

applied per month on any overdue invoices.


– The Equilume delivery times are estimates only and Equilume is not liable for delays or failure to deliver due to

shipping errors caused by courier or postal services.

– The default shipping method can take 3-10 working days, but there is an option to ‘express’ ship goods at additional


– Please be aware that delivery delays can occur due to public holidays.

Damaged goods

– Any product defects that occur due to willful damage, negligence or from abnormal conditions will not be covered by

the Equilume Light Mask 90 day warranty.

– Equilume is not liable for any damage or malfunction of the product as a result of alterations or repairs made by an

external provider.

– Please note that general wear and tear to the Equilume Light Mask is not covered under the 90-day warranty.

Return, Refunds and Exchanges Policy

– Equilume does not offer product refunds outside of the 14-day cancelation period.

– A replacement product will only be issued when there is a manufacturer defect at the time of delivery, or within the

90-day product warranty from date of purchase.

– When returning a product please return to Equilume within 14-days of receiving the pre-paid mailbag.

To make sure the item is returnable please follow the steps below:

– Firstly, contact Equilume customer service department on info@equilume.com

– Secondly, if the item is approved for return, Equilume will send a pre-paid return mailbag.

– Thirdly please attach a completed returns form and proof of purchase (it is likely that your return will be rejected if the

mailbag does not have these).

Limited Warranty

– All Equilume products are covered by a 90-day warranty from the date of purchase.

– If you are issued with a replacement unit, it will be covered under the original units 90-day warranty.

Rights Reserved

– All rights to the product name, identification and design are reserved by Equilume. Practices US Pat. 9,839,791 UK Pat. GB2504244B & GB2549682B.