Equilume looks forward to an exciting 2022 Eventing Season

Equilume are delighted to continue to partner with Eventing Ireland and sponsor the Equilume Power Average League in 2022. The Equilume Power Average is the average of a horse’s three best finishing scores from all Eventing Ireland events in the 2022 season. Horses must have three or more completions to be eligible to win, and all levels of competition are treated equally, allowing horses of all ages and experience to compete for the Equilume League title. The winner of the League will receive €1,000 in prize money and an Equilume Cashel Light Mask.

The 2021 season was full of suspense as Sarah Ennis scored a fantastic 6.5 early in the competition and booked her position at the top of the leaderboard with Greenhall Granuaile. But it was Ella Boyle who finished consistently strong and won the league with her mare, Denali. We caught up with Ella Boyle to talk about the League and her background in eventing.

Q&A with Ella Boyle

Congratulations on being the winner of the inaugural Equilume Power Average League in 2021. Tell us how your year went?
Ella Boyle: Thank you – the year didn’t really go as planned to be honest as I was out due to injury for most of the season but the horses were on super form and we got a couple of international runs in towards the end of the year finishing up with some nice 3* placings with my top horses. Then of course winning this league as well as Ballindenisk 1* with Denali which were lovely highlights to finish on!

Who will be wearing your Equilume Cashel Light Mask prize?
EB: Denali will be wearing the mask.. she’s a sensitive mare so I look forward to seeing her progress using it.

Are you excited to try an Equilume lighting product? What have you heard about how light might impact your horse’s performance?
EB: Yes definitely. I’ve heard lots of good reviews on the Equilume products so I’m certainly excited to try it. It’s a really exciting new technology and as a competitor I’m always looking to improve the horses as much as possible, hopefully this can help achieve more goals! The mask will help improve the horses all round well being, coat, health and in turn performance!

How old were you when you started riding?
EB: I started riding at a very young age.. not overly competitively in my younger years but I always remember having and enjoying the ponies!

Tell us about your first pony.
EB: My first pony wasn’t much of a success… quite the opposite actually!! He was called Pretzel and not long after joining us he deposited me on the floor fracturing my skull ? so he didn’t hang around for very long! Gladly I had a few much more sensible ponies after him.

How you got into eventing?
EB: I was lucky enough to get a super pony Grandstown Bobby Dazzler when I was about 14, he had evented previously so we thought it would be fun to try – he fully gave me the Eventing bug, giving me so much confidence and fun.

What is your greatest achievement to date?
EB: Probably competing Catriona (my top horse) at two European championships and now having her at 4* level. I think we’ve achieved a lot together so far, I’m so proud of her!

Tell us about your current horses.
EB: My main competition horses at the minute are Catriona, who I’ve had for 6 years now, she’s an opinionated little mare but we have a super partnership and not many give you as good a feel jumping, we’ve progressed right up to 4* level together. Grafenstolz Distinction is a beautiful black gelding, he loves showing off sometimes maybe a little too much. I am very excited about him stepping up to 4* level too – interestingly he’s one of few boys I have on the yard! Denali is the princess of the team, definitely a sensitive mare but she is so talented and I’m really looking forward to her future also. I also have Candy 737 who was my first horse, along with Catriona they have taught me a lot and given me my love for a quirky mare! I have some lovely young horses too, including a half sister to Catriona! I’m very frustrated to be sidelined for the start of this year (again!!) with a broken pelvis – but these guys are my motivation as I have a lot to look forward to with them all!

Who is your one to watch for 2022, horse or rider?
EB: This is very hard! There’s a lot of great horses and riders at all levels! Here in Ireland though I do love Sarah Ennis’, now 7 year old, Ferro Class Act. He is exactly my type!

Showjumping, Cross Country or Dressage?
EB: Unlike most event riders I actually love the dressage, I follow a lot of it and have been lucky enough to ride some very fancy horses. I enjoy all three phases though, a nice balance of the three is ideal and keeps things interesting for everyone!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
EB: To never give up.. horses are true levellers but you always have to stay positive and learn from your mistakes. Find something good in every situation.

If you could compete in one major eventing competition what would it be? / What event is on your competition bucket list?
EB: I would love to compete at Badminton some day but equally senior teams are an aim for me. The Olympics would be a dream.

What do you do when you’re not around horses?
EB: Not a lot! I try to keep fit and also enjoy some down time when I can.. currently being out of the saddle is proving very tricky – not being around the horses doesn’t really suit me haha!

What’s one piece of advice you would give to young people wanting to make a career out of Eventing?
EB: Always remember to enjoy it no matter what level you’re at, like I said about the advice I’ve been given – experience is everything and you have to take away the positives even from the not so good times, as hard as that can be!!


Ella Boyle also caught up with EquiRatings’ Nicole Brown. Listen to the podcast here: EquiRating Eventing Podcast Special with Ella Boyle

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