Optimize Sales Preparation

Equilume’s Performance Lighting products are designed to provide optimal daylength that will stimulate summer hormones and ensure horses have a slick summer coat in time for sales.  In addition to a great coat, the biologically effective blue light d...

Research shows Blue Light reduces bacterial and fungal growth

As early as 1887, visible blue light was known to be the most effective part of the light spectrum to stimulate phototropism in plants. Recent research in the human medical field has shown that blue wavelength light can inhibit specific microbial gro...

Dr Barbara Anne Murphy talks about the benefits of the Equilume Stable Light

Our CSO and Founder Dr. Barbara Anne Murphy explains the benefits of the Equilume Stable Light.

How Light Signals the Breeding Season to the Mare

To understand the importance of light for our horses we need to go back to the very beginning.