Jessica Harrington on the Equilume Stable Light

We caught up with trainer Jessica Harrington to get her feedback on the Equilume Stable Light.  

Improve Health & Condition With The Equilume Stable Lighting System

“The Equilume Stable Lights have made a real impact on the way we prepare our horses. They allowed us to control their daylight hours with quality lighting that helped us maintain their coats. These lights are a valuable tool in helping us to k...

Accelerate winter shedding with Equilume

Equilume Performance Lighting mimics a long summer’s day. The biologically effective light stimulates seasonal hormones, including prolactin that are regulated by the lengthening hours of daylight during spring.  These hormones are in part responsibl...

Optimize Sales Preparation

“At Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm we have been using the Equilume Light Masks not only for breeding, but also to prep our weanlings, yearlings and breeze-up horses for sales. These masks allow us to prep from the paddock, even in a colder environment,...

New Pony Light Mask Size now available

Having successfully launched our new reusable Light Mask models in 2017, we are delighted to launch the Equilume Curragh- Pony Light Mask suitable for ponies under 13.2hh/138cms. The Equilume Curragh- Pony consists of a replaceable cup that provides...

Reduce costs with Equilume Performance Lighting

Equilume’s suite of products have been shown to reduce costs whether your horse is stabled, at pasture or travelling to competition. Equilume Light Mask Using the Light Mask means that your horse will receive the optimum light it needs for a slick sh...

Red Light at Night facilitates rest and recovery

Dim red light or darkness at night is required to facilitate rest and recovery and, for the nightly rise in the circadian regulating hormone melatonin. Firstly, it is important to understand the role of the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is a protein h...

Dr Barbara Anne Murphy talks about the benefits of the Equilume Stable Light

Our CSO and Founder Dr. Barbara Anne Murphy explains the benefits of the Equilume Stable Light.

Gabe Hutchins from Tamarack Ranch talks Equilume

Delighted to see Tamarack Ranch Reiners having so much success with Equilume. Gabe Hutchins tells us how they use the Light Mask for both breeding and coat maintenance.

Sam Ellis Testimonial

We caught up with Sam Ellis at NRHA – National Reining Horse Association in Oklahoma City last week. Here’s what he had to say about his Equilume experience.