Arrowfield Studs Equilume experience

Paul Messara, General Manager, Arrowfield Stud tells us about his experience using the Equilume Light Mask. Check out how the Equilume Light Mask has proved to be a very useful tool for the team at Arrowfield

New Pony Light Mask Size now available

  Having successfully launched our new reusable Light Mask models in 2017, we are delighted to launch the Equilume Curragh- Pony Light Mask suitable for ponies under 13.2hh/138cms. The Equilume Curragh- Pony consists of a replaceable cup that pr...

Gabe Hutchins from Tamarack Ranch talks Equilume

Delighted to see Tamarack Ranch Reiners having so much success with Equilume. Gabe Hutchins tells us how they use the Light Mask for both breeding and coat maintenance.

Equilume Light Mask helps problematic Mare cycle with success!

Case Study: Equilume Light Mask Mare: What A Sunrise, whose produce to date exceed $225,870.  She is the dam of What A Wave, back to back winner of the NRHA Open World Champion 2015-2016.   In the Spring of 2016, What A Sunrise was diagnosed wit...

Why outdoor living is better for your mare!

Having a mare stand in a stall for 16 hours per day to facilitate light therapy is not the best option for her fertility. Horses are migratory herd animals that in the wild walk up to 100 km a day.  Mares are less stressed and...

Maintain a sleek coat throughout the season

Everyone knows that the best indicator of a healthy horse on the inside, is a glowing, sleek coat on the outside.  Nowhere is this more important or noticeable than in the show ring. For horses in the wild, this return to a healthy sleek coat...

How Light Signals the Breeding Season to the Mare

To understand the importance of light for our horses we need to go back to the very beginning.