Understanding the benefits of light


The lengthening days of spring have long been associated with increased fertility, increased muscle response to exercise, improved coat condition, mood and general well-being. The length of time horses receive light and the quality of light are key factors to consider when administrating light to horses.

How light affects performance

Improving performance for the competition horse occurs when mood, behaviour and physical fitness are optimised. By mimicking the qualities of sunlight on a summer’s day and seasonal  changes in lighting,  spring can be brought forward and autumn delayed, so that the period of peak performance associated with summer vigour is extended. This ensures your horse maintains its best condition inside and out.



Light Quality Benefits

We can see the benefits of good quality light in the daily health of animals. All light is not equal in its ability to influence equine health. Blue-enriched light that is naturally provided by the sun and utilised in Equilume’s unique scientifically developed products has the greatest biological effect on the horse. Normal indoor lighting falls significantly short of providing the optimum light spectrum for humans and animals. For the body’s internal clock to work most effectively, stable lighting should comprise: blue-enriched light by day, dim red light at night  and gradual transitions at dawn and dusk.

Blue-enriched light boosts metabolism, alertness, appetite, mood and has been shown to reduce the growth of stable pathogens. This type of light also helps improve respiratory health, muscle mass and accelerates wound healing. Gradual light transitions at dawn and dusk allow horses to experience gradual changes in light intensity similar to the natural environment, avoiding stress responses. The elimination of white light pollution at night is very important to avoid disrupting an animal’s circadian rhythms which is  is a significant cause of sub-optimal health. Red light also facilitates natural rest and relaxation for optimal growth and repair following exercise.


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