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The Circadian Group was founded in 2016 by the management team at Equilume. Equilume, based at the heart of the Irish Equine Industry in Co. Kildare, is a world leader in the research and development of light therapy solutions to assist the global horse industry maximise reproductive efficiency and performance. The formation of Agrilume  was underpinned by the predicted population growth that the world will experience over the next 30 to 80 years. With that growth, there is an expected calorie food gap which presents a great opportunity for us to do things better. Through our experience in equine and our understanding of the effects of light on animal performance, Agrilume was founded with the aim to deliver innovative science-based lighting products across new animal sectors.  These products will produce higher performing farms with much improved animal welfare, while creating a better environment for animals.

Bovine Light Mask

There is a global milk shortage and lack of sustainability within the global dairy industry.  50% of cows are grass based and mainly maintained outdoors. Intensive indoor systems benefit from the use of artificial light to increase milk production. Our aim is to make this increased productivity also available to grass based dairy systems. The Bovine Light Mask is a headpiece for cows that provides timed low intensity blue light to one eye to extend natural daylight. By identifying the threshold level of light delivered to a single eye to suppress circulating concentrations of the hormone melatonin to levels observed under bright barn lighting, we have successfully developed a mobile lighting solution for light therapy provision to cows. Use of the bovine light mask on lactating cows has been shown to increase milk yield by 9% in initial trials providing a sustainable means to improve dairy farm efficiency and productivity.


Further research will identify additional applications of light for fertility, growth, health and welfare. We are in the process of conducting further research and commercialising the Agrilume suite of products with the aim to launch to the market in 2019. The Circadian Group represents our core USP, which is to scientifically understand and augment the natural circadian rhythms of animals to optimise performance.

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