Flexible Outdoor/Indoor Living & Travel for Your Mares


The Equilume™ Light Mask provides low level blue light to a single eye, it is on an automatic timer and powered to last an entire breeding season.

As the mask is fitted to your Mare, it is mobile and allows the mare to live both out and indoors, including any travelling, without any disruption.

The Mask contains a light sensor such that the blue light will only stay on for 30 sec once activated until environmental light levels drop at dusk. When low light is detected the blue light will come on for the remainder of the 7 hour active period.

If initially activated at 16:00 on the first day of light therapy the light mask will automatically switch off at 23:00 every night.

The long-life battery has been customised for horses and all- weather conditions. lt will provide mobile, precision blue light therapy for one entire season (5 months).